Club Berger des Pyrénées was founded in 1982 and attends from the beginning of 1983 Pyrenean Shepherds in the German Kennel Club – the “VDH”!


He formed in legal succession of the working group „Berger des Pyrénées” of the Club for French Shepherd dog, who served the breed basically on from the beginning of the breeding of this race in 1977 in Germany.

First, therefore, the Club Berger des Pyrénées e.V. is an association of breeders and lovers of the breed (not all of our members have a dog) .The main and original purpose of our breed club is the preservation of the breed. This is not so much about things which are favored, but about criteria, which are essential: and that’s the breeding of healthy Pyrenean Shepherds – which means for us: to breed dogs with breed-specific behavior and correct morphology, which is the requirement for a functional and healthy physique. Our breeders are generally hobby breeders with only a few female dogs, and they have imposed one of the strictest guidelines in the VDH on themselves. Before a male or a female in the Club Berger des Pyrénées e.V. can be used for breeding for the first time, the dog must have passed – next to a HD-X-ray control – a breeding soundness examination by a specialist judge of our kennel club. These judges are specialist, who have gone through several years of training and continuing education seminars must be permanently appropriate.

But even then, not all requirements for a litter are full filled. Each of our breeding beginners will be extensively supported and advised by our breeding warden – and the proof that a litter will be raised in species-appropriate surrounding is also a part of our breeding condition as well as a sufficient skill in matter of obstetrics and breeding.

This may mean that you will have to accept waiting periods before you can take a puppy from one of our breeders.

Our breeders


Although our breeding stations are hobby breeders, it doesn’t mean that they are unprofessional breeders or even “propagators”. Hobby breeding in Club Berger des Pyrénées e.V. is thus primarily that they are conscientious lover cultured without mercantile purposes. The constant support and advice to breeders is therefore as much a club tasks, such as continuous monitoring of the breeding of litters from our breeding warden.

A breeding warden in Club Berger des Pyrénées e.V. Is usually an experienced Breeder, who previously worked for several years in breeding committees of the cbp. After having passed a specific training, which usually lasts for two years and after appropriate tests, he knows what counts, so therefore he not only can advice and assist the breeders, but also his judgment will be certainly interesting for you.

So, beside of the numerous animal welfare aspects of our breeding regulation this has the pleasant side effect for you to be sure to be in good hands and found competent partners when it comes to dog matters.
In addition to managing and controlling breeding tasks of our breed club of course, the placement of puppies is one of our services – usually you have approached us because of this. But you should definitely get to know the Bergers in their familiar surroundings by visiting our breeders and experience our dogs there. Of course there are also the members of our Board available.

Articulate in a conversation fully open your ideas and expectations of a four-legged friend. Only then we can be at your service – and even if we would not recommend the purchase of a Berger des Pyrenees: this can be helpful for you as well – so this is one of our functions as well. With the purchase of a Pyrenean herding dog, you go into a usually long-term commitment – and our breeders want nothing more than that it is a nice touch!

The intermediate consumption of the cbp-breeders


In addition to the cbp HD (hip dysplasia), which can occur for dogs – whether breed dog or crossbreed -, we further control theoretically possible defects in our breeding so that they can not be disseminated. Modern tools of population genetics such as the genetic evaluation are helping our breeders to estimate the leaving strength of breeding stock. And the results of the linear description as well as the check of the behavior flow as part of a breeding license in this process.

Since 1998 is also used to genotype probabilities for the control of monogenic hereditary diseases. A DNA blood test bench is built up systematically since 1998 at the University of Munich. With the help of this database molecular genetic research projects, serotonin-analysis regarding behavior analysis or the definition of genetic diversification can be carried out.

Calculations of critical data in the breed by using the program Dogbase complete these and other measures as well as the since 2003 used cbp-breeding database.

The club offers its members a lot of variety and information


At the exhibitions that we organize and where you will always see a number of Pyrenean sheepdogs, there are always numerous opportunities to share experiences for all owners of a Pyrenean shepherd dog. During all these years a tradition has developed to let the exhibits and experience pass by enjoying regional delights on a buffet – which provides you as an interested party a wonderful opportunity to receive more information in personal interviews.

In addition we organize, beside of beginner seminars for breeders, breeder meetings and training events, frequently walks and meetings, whereas every owner of a Pyrenean sheepdog can participate.

Further there is our Club Magazine “Pyrenäen Post”, which is published six times a year, and which includes articles on every conceivable area surrounding the Berger des Pyrénées.