Berger des Pyrenees Welpe

If your interest to accommodate a Pyrenean shepherd dog into your family has been awakened, you might notice, when in contact with our puppy agency, that the club and its breeders can not fulfill your desire for a dog immediately.

The quite natural reasons in first place for this is that puppies / are no stock goods, which you can pick of the shelf when needen. On the other hand, there are not many Berger des Pyrénées in Germany, and there are even less breeders of Pyrenean sheepdogs.. Therefore the waiting times can not always be avoided.

But Berger-owner can confirm that it is definitely worthwhile to wait for a puppy. Also it would be naive if you want to find immediately a breeder in  the next area. A Pyrenean shepherd dog wants to be “experienced”.

The current list of breeders who raise puppies. (only in german)