Our breeders at Club Berger des Pyrenees

Even if the Club Berger des Pyrenees with over 1,000 members is one of the world’s largest breed clubs for the Pyrenean sheepdog, this original breed – not just only in Germany – is relatively small spread

This is also the reason why we are not, in any case, able to prove a breeder relatively close to your residence: Berger des Pyrenees have to be experienced in both senses – an effort, that will be worth for a whole dog’s life.

Our breeders are basically hobby breeder with only a few breeding females and they have themselves and our breeding imposed on one of the strictest discipline policies within the VDH, because they want the genuine Berger des Pyrenees: a jumping and sprinting powerful, cunning, bright and cheerful dog checked for heart and hip and smart and because of the socialization by our breeders is an absolute family dog .

In the following overview some of our breeders present themselves. Our puppy-agency always has an overview of all active breeders in the cbp and can give your information, which breeders are actually raising puppies or are expecting them.