„Why a herding dog from Club Berger des Pyrénées? “

Dog is dog. At the first sight this seems to be real.

But there will be questions:

  • Where does the dog come from?
  • How the pairing was planned?
  • Is it well known, how the litters developed over generations upon the health and breed standard?
  • Is there a documentation regarding the results of the development?
  • How does breeding take place, how are the puppies raised?
  • What can I expect from the breeder and from the club?

A dog is from our point of view not only a cute quadruped.

As a breeder we are aware of our responsibility. A puppy shouldn’t be only “produced” and then sold. He should have a happy dog’s life and enrich your life.

What is the CBP taking care of concrete?

  1. Each kennel is inspected according to VDH requirements by CBP and CBP wardens and approved for suitability by the studbook. A name for the kennel, which is the family name of the puppies, will be is protected for the breeders in the FCI (World Association Cytological) in Brussels. Only upon fulfillment of all requirements the breeder will receive his kennel name.
    Your advantage: The puppies will be raised according to a minimum standard (which is fulfilled in many cases).
  2. Each female and each male that will be used for breeding, must first obtain a certification test of their breeding. This contains for example the HD X-ray results, herding tests results, a linear description and measurement according to the breed standard.
    Your advantage: Only dogs that meet the strict requirements of the CBP are used for breeding.
  3. A controlled mating planning is made. The breeders are checking the internal CBP-database and a program for mating planning to complete essential personal experience and intuition with facts. Current scientific knowledge is considered.
    Your advantage: It is bred deliberately; health and breed standards have priority.
  4. New breeders (for the first three litters) are provided on from the mating, birth, and rise till they sell the puppies a mentoring by an experienced breeder, the breed sponsors.
    Your advantage: The level of quality even for new breeders will meet the high standard of the CBP.
  5. There is a centralized puppy agency at the CBP. Here you get properly information about the breeders who expect puppies. Also your first questions will be answered competent.
    Your advantage: you don’t have to look for different breeders by yourself, or do a big research by telephone. Our puppy agency saves you a lot of time and effort.
  6. The breeders will be at your service for questions and to get known to the breed.
    Your advantage: You will get a first – non binding – impression of the Berger des Pyrénées. Live in nature with dog and breeders are much more significant than to see the Berger on an exhibition or get known to him from a book or the internet.
  7. Get familiar with the puppies during the breeding. A unique experience. The breeder will be glad to arrange visits.
    Your advantage: you’ll get known to the puppies and can recognize that the puppies can be different “types”.
  8. The breeder agrees the selection of the puppy with your personal ideas and framework conditions. Not every puppy has the same character
    Your advantage: The better the puppy fits to you, the better you will be a strong team during the next years.
  9. Each litter respectively each puppy will be examined by an experienced breed warden, before given to you.
    Your advantage: CBP is aware of the breeding results and will consider those in future planning. Because this is done consequently already for years, you – in the shape of your puppy – will learn the positive “fruits” of this work.
  10. The breeder as well as the CBP will accompany you, even after you bought the puppy. We will tell you, when essential development phases are coming up and what you should look for particularly. Your breeder will answer all questions which might appear in daily routine.
    Your advantage: You’ll receive – when you want it, even after the buy useful benefit. A lot of friendships developed this way.
  11. CBP provides an assessment during a young day. Your breeder will accompany you – if possible.
    Your advantage: You’ll receive after aprox. One year a status of the development status of your dog. Good to know for you and for us.

What’s more exiting?

  1. Approx. twice a year we provide a herding test. It is always an experience, how our Bergers instinctively are herding a flock of sheep. This keeps the authenticity of the race.
    Your advantage: You’re aware if your Berger likes sheep and what he does with them. A great experience.
  2. Members gather once in two years for a general meeting. Sometime there will be held an interesting lecture. Modern scientific evidence is presented by competent professionals and will be, after discussion by the breeders’ guild (union of the most experienced breeders of the club) sometime implemented in the breeding strategies.
    Your advantage: You know where the journey will take you. With the CBP you’re always up to date – and sometimes even in advance.
  3. Once a year – CBP Club show will take place. For insiders the event of the year. Each dog owner can present his dog and receives an assessment by an experienced judge. A lot of owners are doing this already for years.
    Your advantage: You receive a picture of the long-term development of your dog; get familiar to a lot of other dog owners and breeders. In various workshops there are given tips and tricks for the daily business with your dog.
  4. And finally: if you even against all serious assurance sometimes later get interested in breeding (this should have happened already) we will provide you a snuffle litter with the assistance and cooperation of a well experienced breeder and an interesting breeding beginners seminar. But this – we should discuss later on.

The membership in the CBP provides periodical information about breeding, specific themes, courses and discussions. Six times a year the Pypo – die Pyrenäenpost – appears. (as for a free example) The membership is not a must – but supports a lot of efforts, from which you – as a buyer of puppy – already receive benefits. Not without reasons, more than 1000 members keep faith with the first breed club for Pyrenean sheepdogs in Germany.

Your advantage: You’re part of the family, know how the breed develops and receive frequently valuable professional advice for keeping and development of the dogs and invitation for interesting and funny things to do all around the Berger des Pyrénées.

This gives you a little overview about the work of the CBP – you will benefit from.

Treat yourself – and you puppy as well.

We are looking forward to see you.